When Clients Trust Your Advice But Not Your Business

Trusting Advice vs. Trusting a Business In nearly every industry I work with, practitioners describe themselves the same way: "we are trusted advisors to our clients."  The "trusted advisor" model is seen as both an attained aspiration and a necessary part of doing business.  But when I look across the professions, I see an interesting dichotomy where clients simultaneously trust the advice of the individual or team while growing deeply un-trusting of their firms' business [...]

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Managing the Captive Research and Analytics Firm

Last year, we undertook a research project to examine an under-explored type of professional services firm: research and analytics firms that are tightly held and closely aligned with a parent company like a PR, advertising, or media agency. We call these captive agencies because they're much more tightly integrated with their parent firm than a typical subsidiary.  Captive agencies operate in a sort of gray area between internal departments and independent business units, and this gray [...]

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Happy First Birthday Dworin Consulting

One year ago today, I fulfilled a dream I've had since my first consulting project: to start my own firm.  At two separate companies, the head of a consulting firm tapped me to help them develop and execute internal strategy.  I knew I could do it, I knew there was value, but would a professional services firm that was selling answers itself ever hire an outsider to help them? Running any firm is like climbing [...]

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