About Me

When I was a student, I advised teams of engineers distributed between the United States and Mexico on trans-cultural communication.  Since then, I’ve provided guidance to consultants, lawyers, engineers, marketers, advertisers, trainers, and communicators in how to build a business based on their expertise and scale it up.

Most people enter the professions because they love the work, not because they want to run the business.  At the same time, all of these “advice” businesses are going through a period of intense change.  I help leaders in these industries to grow and scale their firms by focusing on the factors that endure throughout the most turbulent times: engaging great people in great processes to deliver value through great client relationships.

Dworin Consulting started for the first time 15 years ago as what we’d now call a digital agency.  In between then and its current incarnation, I led a multi-million dollar consulting engagements for a leading measurement and analytics firm, implemented a global change program that trained hundreds of people how to think like a consultant, and led strategic central functions for a rapidly-growing communications insights agency.

I also earned bachelors’ degrees in Political Science and International Studies from Michigan State University and a Masters Degree in Information Economics, a boutique area of economics directly applicable to ‘advice’ businesses’, from the University of Michigan. I want to help you grow and scale your business, find your passion in the value you create for your clients, and achieve your goals.  That can mean anything from occasional coaching calls to a more complex organizational transformation.  The important thing to me is that we help you to put the systems in place so you can be successful, and in turn, make your clients successful