There Are No Keys to Success

Would you pay to learn the key to success?  The secret to health, wealth, and happiness?  If so, you're not alone.  Americans spend nearly ten-billion dollars per year on self-help products from gurus touting the secrets to help you lose weight, get rich, or find the perfect mate. At the risk of destroying their industry, I'll share the key to success with you for free.  There isn't one. Success is not a door that you [...]

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Your Industry Is Dying, The Solution is Reinvention

The typewriter industry died when it was supplanted by the personal computer. But the typewriter company that realized they were actually experts in selling business machines is now a multi-billion dollar global behemoth. The internet and e-mail destroyed the market for postage meters, but Pitney Bowes is still around because the internet also created new commercial opportunities for an expert in tracking and moving physical goods. It's been decades since telegrams were meaningful, but Western [...]

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Everybody Hates Their First Job

This summer, hundreds of thousands of young adults will graduate and enter the full-time work force for the first time, many in professional roles. It’s a tough labor market for new graduates, so it’s with all sincerity that I say congratulations on your first job. Unfortunately, prepare to hate it. Everyone hates their first job, to the point where it’s a rite of passage. It will be a painful reconciling between your expectations, self-awareness, and [...]

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