Process Improvement

Many professional firms are backed by important back office functions like document management, data processing, and software development.  Despite how critical they are to the business, many get short-shrift when it comes to management because the firm’s principals are less experienced in their operation.  We help our clients optimize their supporting functions to help their professionals deliver work faster, with higher quality, and more in line with client expectations.

Clients first

We start with a client-first approach – educating operational functions about how their work is used in client-facing deliverables.  Many times, these groups get minimal exposure to end products, creating the idea that they’re the center of the business, while also distancing them from the firm’s true purpose.  We kickstart a cultural change by placing the end client at the center of the work, and building a focus on pleasing them through internal client satisfaction.

Collaborative approach

While many consultants will come in, map your process, and tell you what you should be doing, actually getting to that ideal state ends up being a painful, firm destroying process if the right stakeholders aren’t engaged early and the human element of cultural change isn’t considered.  Instead, we implement a proprietary approach that engages your own employees in mapping out how the process can be improved, yielding efficiencies that you can see in weeks, not years.

No biases

Despite our experience across industries, we recognize that new technologies have upended traditional operational models, so we never engage with a client and try to build the process we saw at a previous client.  Instead, we start from the ground up, looking at what’s possible if we started over, and using that as a framework for mapping out new operational capabilities.  And since we have no sales or reseller relationships with technology firms, we help you select the right tools for your business in an unbiased fashion, without conflicts of interest.

People, process, then technology

We’ve seen too many firms purchase expensive technology, only to have it sit on the shelf when user adoption never picks up.  That’s why our process improvement approach starts with people, engaging your associates and employees in the process.  Then, we build a process that enhances your capabilities.  Only after we’ve seen the new process adopted, and there’s demand for a technological solution, do we start to investigate new software.  That way, we know that rolling out the tool will have the desired affect, and will be in place to support proven processes with successful results.

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