Technology and Software

Building great software isn’t enough if your clients don’t know how to use it.  We help business-to-business software firms articulate a professional services strategy and set up internal consulting groups to make their software more useful for clients, bolster their businesses, and achieve competitive differentiation.

Find the right services strategy

Adding services can be a boon to technology companies, or a dangerous distraction, depending on whether or not they have the right technology strategy.  We help our clients make decisions about what they want out of services, starting an honest conversation about what the tradeoffs they need to make to achieve success, such as whether the software supports services revenue, or vice versa.  We test the strategy with customers, executives, and data to make sure its the right move for the company before moving forward setting up a services group.

Build up your services offering

Once the strategy is in place, we help our clients set up their services group.  From recruiting talent, to defining processes and methodologies, to selling the first projects, we help clients build an entire practice from the ground up.  Along the way, we transfer knowledge about how smart consultants operate, so that our clients leave the engagement with a set of proven practices they can take to their clients.


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