Consulting firms are the quintessential information business – adding value to clients through trusted relationships, keen insights, and deep expertise.  But the firms themselves are facing unique challenges brought about by changes in the marketplace, increased competition, and more demanding clients.  We help our clients confront those challenges with solutions that recognize their unique strengths and strategies that can be executed in months, not years.  We focus on the fundamentals – retaining great people, developing intellectual property, and nurturing trusted relationships – while adding the nuance that makes your firm unique.  See how we can help you to:

Optimize your talent

Your people are your most important asset, so why don’t you treat them that way?  Too often, consulting firms fail to optimize their human capital, and end up frustrating clients and leaving money on the table.  Whether it’s developing a better leverage structure, retaining top performers, or building your consultants’ capabilities, we can help you get the most out of your people.

Streamline your practices

Just because every client is unique, doesn’t mean you need to reinvent the wheel every time.  Consulting practices are built in an ad-hoc fashion, based on real client experience, but that can make them hard to scale, leaving consultants and clients both frustrated that their work isn’t having the desired impact .  We help our clients develop robust, repeatable practices with a clear value proposition, documented best practices, and thought frameworks that help them communicate with clients and free consultants from boring, repetitive work, unlocking the firms creativity while driving new value to clients.

Move up market

Why can the big guys command such high rates?  Because they know how to measure and communicate the value they deliver to clients, and the importance of the problems they’re solving.  We can help you clarify your value proposition, develop your capabilities, and innovate into new practice areas that allow you to grow up market, commanding higher fees and improving your firm’s long term viability.

Why us?

There are a lot of consultants out there trying to help professional services firms, so what makes us different?  First, we aren’t peddling a one-size-fits-all approach to what your firm should be, we find out your core differentiator and develop a strategy that helps you replicate your successes.  Second, we offer plans, not platitudes.  While other firms offer high-minded wisdom, we realize the value is in the execution, and help you understand the hard choices necessary to focus and implement your strategy.  Finally, we focus on the fundamentals of your business – the work, your relationships, your people, and your finances – rather than looking at one aspect of your firm, such as marketing or business development, in isolation from the rest.

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