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Advice for Advice Professionals

The world of professional services is changing.  Technology is upending business models, replacing associates with automation.  Customers are demanding new approaches to pricing and billing.  And as costs plummet, competitors are proliferating and differentiation is becoming more difficult.  And all the same pressures remain: attracting the best talent, building trust with clients, and delivering excellent work as efficiently as possible.

We work with our clients to develop strategies that embrace these challenges, rising above the pack and achieving new levels of profitability and client satisfaction.  We look at firms holistically, offering more than strategy or coaching, but also assisting in execution, practice development, and the blocking and tackling necessary to really transform a firm into one that is competitive in the 21st century.  Our clients success is our success, and we invest heavily in making sure all our engagements deliver value at every step.


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Who is Dworin Consulting?

[fusion_toggle title=”Our Mission”]Our mission is to advise those who advise others in every step of their business, helping them to develop thriving firms so they can help their clients.  We help our clients make better decisions, access better information, and execute on those decisions, no matter how difficult. [/fusion_toggle]
[fusion_toggle title=”Our Philosophy”]We believe that professional services firms face unique challenges that require unique solutions.  While we start with a point of view on how to think about our clients’ problems, we always understand the nuance of their specific issue.  We also believe that in the advice industry, people come first, and any solution needs to consider the human element, both at our clients, and at their clients.  Finally, we want to make the world a better place, and see our work as a means to an end.  By improving business, we help the people who go to work every day in a better environment and who benefit from better products and services.  [/fusion_toggle]
[fusion_toggle title=”Our Promise”] We guarantee client satisfaction.  Our fees should be a reflection of the value we provide to our clients, and if they’re not, we work with our clients to make it right.  We promise to always operate with the highest ethical standards, serving as an example for the professional services industry and for the business community as a whole.  [/fusion_toggle]


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Dworin Consulting
Phone: 212-533-5636


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