Project Description

The Challenge:
 Edelman Berland (now Edelman Intelligence), a subsidiary of the global PR powerhouse Edelman, is a global research based consulting firm that provides some of the world’s leading brands with research driven insights and measurement tools.  Despite great success over the past five years, they’ve recently seen growth plateau, and have had a harder and harder time developing new business.  More importantly, firm profitability was suffering due to a large number of small projects with low margins.

Our Solution:  Strategy is as much about what you choose not to do as it is about what you do.  We worked in collaboration with Edelman Berland’s leadership to focus on the practice areas where they had the greatest expertise and that aligned most closely with their core clients needs.   To support the new focus, they had to rethink their operating model, their people, and how the technology they use to support the business.   Soon after implementing the new strategy, they saw revenue pick up, average project size improve, and won new flagship accounts.