Market Research


Data collection is commoditized, so what makes you different?

Twenty years ago, market research agencies made their money collecting data.  An established brand and an efficient call center could yield healthy profit margins.  But the proliferation of phone banks, declining value of phone surveys, and low costs brought about by on-line interviewing are causing a commoditization of  data collection.  At the same time, the basic skills of the trade like research design or sampling are widely available and undervalued by clients.  Instead, firms need to differentiate through their unique perspectives, the insights they can draw from data, and their ability to make recommendations that are meaningfully aligned with their clients businesses.  We help our clients to transition upmarket, and differentiate themselves in the crowded world of marketing research by articulating a unique value proposition, point of view, and analytical approach that yields more value for clients, and in turn, stronger business for the firm.

Kill the superdeck, save your client relationships

When selling data was an industry, market researchers would show their value by delivering data cut every which way, showing a client how much work they did by delivering a mass of work.  Now, clients are rebelling against the superdeck and demanding insights – answers to the questions that are most important to them, distilled into an easily understandable story that they can communicate to their internal stakeholders.  We train and coach our clients on how to deliver insights, not data, using proprietary approaches and experience-based intellectual property.  And while every firm says they deliver insights, we help our clients communicate what makes their insights different, transforming their firms from data jockeys into trusted advisors.

Streamline your operations so you can spend more time on insights

The way many research companies process their data, you would think numbers had to be mined in the earth and smelted by hand before they got to an analyst.  Writing cross-tab code by hand, proofing questionnaires, and manually building charts.  We help our clients rebuild their operational capabilities using the latest technology to minimize their costs, speed time to delivery, and free their analysts from mindless drudgery so they can unlock their creative problem solving capabilities.

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