When Clients Trust Your Advice But Not Your Business

Trusting Advice vs. Trusting a Business In nearly every industry I work with, practitioners describe themselves the same way: “we are trusted advisors to our clients.”  The “trusted advisor” model is seen as both an attained aspiration and a necessary part of doing business.  But when I look across the professions, I see an interesting … Read more

My Three Favorite Books For Professionals (Or Anyone)

If I were to create a book group for professionals at any level, whether you’re just starting out or you’re leading a firm, I wouldn’t use books written about management or leadership, or books written for their respective industries.  Instead, I’d pick the three general non-fiction books here, on which I’ve built a large part … Read more

Preventing Burnout: Compensation Isn’t the Answer

Leaders in professional firms often struggle to prevent staff burnout; an issue that can seriously impact the success of their business. If a burnt out associate stays on at the firm, their productivity decreases and their attitudes worsen. And when an associate leaves, the firm suffers the loss of institutional knowledge, experience, project continuity, and … Read more