Ghosts of Presentations Past

Over at Duarte, they dug up some business presentations from decades past, long before the age of PowerPoint: Vintage Slides from GE from Duarte, Inc. Anyone who has likes to create superdecks would be terrified of  their first takeaway (I’m looking at you, market research agencies): Slides were treated like they were valuable because they were … Read more

The Freakonomists Take on Consulting (or How to Explain Consulting To Your Mom)

The authors of Freakonomics have a new podcast that explores the management consulting industry.  If you’ve ever wondered why clients hire consultants, why consultants hire completely inexperienced MBAs, or what some high profile experts about the industry thing, this is a great place to start.  It’s also a great introduction for people who aren’t management … Read more

Four Lessons From Groupon

Last week, Groupon CEO Andrew Mason narrowly kept his job, thanks in part to an equity structure that gives his shares ten times the voting power as other board members.  Groupon stock has lost over 80% of its value since the company’s post-IPO high just over a year ago, and the business has been rocked … Read more